Q: Are the characters available for private parties or birthday parties?

A: The goal of this program is to provide kids with an opportunity to experience a personal interaction with their favorite characters. We believe our characters should be available to all, and therefore, character events are limited to public appearances.

Q: How much does it cost to bring an Octonauts character to my town?

A: Costs for the Octonauts character appearance packages vary and are based on the appearance type, number of characters requested, number of days requested, etc. Please submit your appearance request online and we will provide a quote for your event that includes: on-site management, character talent, travel expenses and licensing fees.

Q: Can I just rent the costumes and provide my own person to wear it?

A: We provide the talent for each Octonauts character appearance. The reasons for this are three-fold – quality, ease and safety. Your guests expect a professional performance when they come to your event, and by providing trained, professional talent and management, we can guarantee that the expectations that you and your audience have will be met. We also want you to have an easy and pleasant experience bringing the Octonauts characters to your town. By providing assistance every step of the way – from booking to greeting your guests – we can ensure that an Octonauts Character Appearance will be positive and memorable. Lastly, all of our professionally-trained staff receive certified background checks because the safety of our guests is paramount.

Q: Can I sell tickets to the Octonauts character appearance?

A: The character program, by design, is meant to be an added attraction to an existing event or a standalone traffic-driver. For example, if you are presenting an Octonauts Character Meet & Greet as part of a larger event or festival, you may charge a gate fee to the overall event; however ticket fees may not be charged for the actual Octonauts Character Meet & Greet.

Q: Can sponsorships be sold for the Octonauts character appearance?

A: We fully understand the need to offset costs through sponsorships. Sponsorship of all or part of the appearance, whether it is a Character Meet & Greet or a Character Performance are encouraged, however there are limitations and product category exclusions. Any use of a character logo or image must be approved in writing prior to production of any materials. Sponsor signage may not be displayed on stage. All sponsorships must be approved in writing.

Q: How many guests meet the characters during a Meet & Greet?

A: The Character Meet & Greets are designed for a particular audience size and can accommodate between 200 and 250 per 30 – 40 minute meet and greet session.

Q: What is provided to help promote the appearance?

A: Promotional materials (in electronic format) include press release templates, character images and logos, promotional copy and more. All of these materials are typically made available six to eight weeks prior to the event date. We will be happy to offer suggestions in using the materials provided.

Q: Why are there items on the Technical Rider that I have to provide at additional costs?

A: The goal behind the program is to bring an affordable and fun Octonauts character experience to any part of the country. The event fee listed on your contract takes care of the character licensing fees and the travel, materials and management of the event. In order to keep the fee as low as possible we require that items which would be prohibitively expensive to ship from site to site, be provided by you. If you are having trouble securing items listed on the Technical Rider, please feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to assist in finding a local source.